Making a donation is a wonderful way to support our program!  We welcome donations of gently used toys, art supplies, building materials, recyclables etc.  It's amazing what will spark a child's creativity!  Loose parts such as crates, boxes, wood, spools, fabric, wool, buttons, containers of all sizes, tires, hats, or purses can be used in a variety of ways from art projects or as props for children's imaginative play.

 Here are some suggestions for items we use frequently:

paper, cardboard, boxes, buttons, unique clothing items for dress up clothes, accessories such as hats, bags, old jewelry, nuts and bolts, hay bales, wooden or plastic crates, plastic eavestrough, plumbing pipes, kitchen gadgets...

If you have items at home that you are not using or are going to throw out, check with us!  We just might be able to make use of them!