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Our organization typically holds four fundraising events throughout the year (winter, spring, summer and fall).  The revenue generated from our fundraisers go directly to our program to purchase playground equipment, furnishings, play items and resources that support the children's interests, the center's emergent curriculum and outdoor philosophies.  

We thank all of our families for their continued support and participation in our centers' fundraising efforts!

We have one ongoing fundraiser- Mabel's Labels.  

If you are interested in ordering Mabel's Labels for your family,  click on the button and then click on " Support a Fundraiser".   Start typing in the name of our organization in the search box and our name will auto generate and will look like this: St. Andrew's Child Care (West St. Paul).  Select our name from the drop down list.  At the top of the web page you will see the statement "you are now supporting St. Andrew's Child Care (West St. Paul)".   When placing an order, families just have to do this step once and then start adding items to your cart.  When you view the cart, you can see our fundraiser name.  Also when you receive your order confirmation and receipt, it will display our center's name, so you will know that you are supporting our organization.  

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